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Bachelor Fantasy Leagues | Colton.

Curious as to what leagues I will be organizing for this season of The Bachelor?? You came to the right place!!

Here are your options! You can join 1, 2, 3, or all 4 of them!

These leagues are run out of a Facebook group called “Bachelor Fantasy League – Osoyoos & area….ish“. Feel free to request to join, as the points and standings will be updated there and I will do my best to send you reminders if you need to get your picks in! If you aren’t on Facebook but are interested in playing, please email me at and I will be sure to send you updates and information that way!

As always, no spoiler sites are allowed in any of these leagues. Don’t be lame!

E transfer information will be posted in the Facebook group, or email me.

Click to print your own copy to keep track! 


BUY IN: $20
PAYOUT: Split Pot (70/20/10)

  • Payments must be made or arranged by January 5th @ NOON.

This league is open to everyone, near or far.

BachLeague is a league where you create a team of 4; 3 before Week 1 starts and 1 before Week 2 starts. Throughout the season, the girls that you have added to your team will receive points based on an array of things. The points and actions will vary for each episode. You will also receive points for certain terms/phrases/actions. These are known as Buzzwords and Rose Routines. You can view the full points run down here, courtesy of the lovely Jenn from who lets us all use her templates and point system!

Draft Pt. 1 |

The 30 girls will be split into 3 groups of 10. I will post these on our Facebook page or via email/text on December 30th, 2018. You will need to choose 3 girls (1 from each group) before the first episode airs on January 7th @ 5 pm.

BachLeague – Draft 1 – 3 groups

Draft Pt. 2 |

I will update the list of the girls that made it through the 1st Rose Ceremony. You will then choose 1 more girl from that list to add to your team *that is not already on it*. This pick needs to be in before the 2nd episode airs on January 14th @ 5 pm.

BachLeague – Draft #2 – 4th Pick

Mid-season Draft |

After episode 5, you will have the option to choose one of the following:

  • Redraft
    • You can choose to add a remaining girl to your team and you will receive 50% of her points from that point forward.
  • Bonus Points
    • You can choose to not add anyone new and receive a one-time bonus of 300 points.

If you have not made a selection by the assigned cut off time (before episode 6 at 5 pm) you will be assigned the bonus points.

Bonus Questions |

There will be 1 Bonus Question for each episode (including NIGHT ONE, Fantasy Suites, Women Tell All, and After The Final Rose) that must be ALL answered before January 14th, 2019 @ 5 pm.

** You will need to make sure you’ve submitted your answer
for Night One by January 7th, 2019 @ 5 pm.**

You will receive 25 points for each correct answer. Bonus Questions will be announced on the Facebook page or via email/text on December 30th, 2018.

BachLeague – Pre-season Bonus Questions

The pot will go to the 3 highest points. In the event of a tie, they will split their combined percentages.


Click here to print YOUR BachBracket Form!

BUY IN: $20 bottle of wine. If it’s easier, you may e transfer $20 and I will purchase the wine. Many find this works better!
PAYOUT: Winner takes all
SIDE POT: For $5 you can play the SidePot! *see below*


  • Payments/Wine must be made or arranged for pick-up by January 5th, 2019 @ NOON.

This league is also open to everyone. However, I would recommend being in the Okanagan area or at least travelling here some point soon. I am located in Osoyoos, BC and travel up the valley very often. I can have it brought up to as far as Armstrong, BC if needed. I will ship the wine, but it will be at your own cost…I suggest playing the SidePot version below if you aren’t from the area.

BachBracket is a league where you choose who you think will make it through each Rose Ceremony. You will receive points for each correct answer and points will increase as the weeks goes on. Your picks must be sent in by each Monday by 5 pm.

Bonus Questions |

The BachBracket league will be subject to Bonus Questions during the final 3 weeks if 2+ players are within 10 points of each other. The Bonus Questions will be posted on Tuesdays and will need to be answered before the next episode airs @ 5 pm. The questions will vary in point scoring and be used to help break up any tie-breaking.


Click here to print YOUR BachBracket SidePot Form!

SidePot | 

The SidePot league prize pot will go to the highest score(s) at the end of the season and include a Tie Breaker question. You will make your predictions for the entire season….NO TAKE-BACKSIES! This will be a great league to play if you want to submit and not think about it anymore. If you play the BachBracket and the SidePot league, it will be great fun to see how close (or far off) your predictions really are! Picks must be submitted by January 14th, 2019 @ 5 pm. (The predictions will start as of Week 2).


BUY IN: Nada. Zilch. ZERO!

PRIZE: Bachelor swag surprise from yours truly ($30 value)

The BachApp league is an app called the Rose League and can be downloaded from the Apple or Google store. Once downloaded, search for our group called Lulus&Syrah, then enter the password osoyoos. Once you have joined our league you will see all the contestants, scoring system, etc. You will want to create your “Episode Lineup” for each episode in which they will earn points for a variety of actions. Contestants “prices” will change based on their performance each week.

This is also my 1st season with the app (hence the $0 buy in), so I am hoping there are no glitches and this is something we all like! I am encouraging everyone to play in this league and to give me feedback at the end of the season about it.

As far as I can understand, each week you will have 100 roses (this is your spending “money”) to purchase your picks. For Week 1, you will notice that everyone costs 16 roses. These prices will increase or decrease each week based on their performances.

Interesting….right!? I’m excited about it! Be sure to turn on your “push notifications” so you don’t miss out on the reminders to set your lineups.

If you are having any issues with the app or finding our league, be sure to let me known via email or the Facebook group and we can hopefully sort out the issues!

Let’s get our Bachin’ on!

All the best,




  • Amy

    This is such a fun idea and a great way for fans of the Bachelor to interact and get engaged with it! I love that you have different price-points for buy-ins too so everyone can play. Thanks very much for setting it up!

    • Reanna

      Thanks Amy!

      Yes, the different price points are nice so everyone can play or play multiple!
      Glad you enjoyed!
      Shoot me an email if you would like to join! The more the merrier!

      All the best,

  • Karina

    oh my, this is so great! I had no idea there are all these sited you can money on the Bachelor! it’s awesome! and well done on writing the detailed reviews!

    Have a lovely day!


    • Reanna

      Yes! And many different varieties of the leagues out there. It’s like a whole other world 😋
      Feel free to shoot me an email if you’d like to join! We don’t bite, promise!
      Glad you enjoyed!

      All the best,

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