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SodaStream Source Review.

crack. pop. fizz.

Nothing quite beats the sound of a cold refreshing can of pop cracking open and being poured over ice!

Actually, there is one thing that beats that…..

being able to make your own fizzy drinks at home.

As a healthier alternative. For a much lower price. With any flavour that you want. Whenever you want them.


If you haven’t heard about the SodaStream yet, get out from that rock you’ve been hiding under and listen up!

Personally, I was always hesitant about it and didn’t want to fall into the hype of them. The hype subsided, lots of people were still using them and loving them, so I caved!! We finally purchased one earlier this year and I can excitedly say……we’re never going back. E.V.E.R.


Product Name: SodaStream Source Sparking Water Maker
Price: Regular – $69.99 (US) // Currently on sale for $64.99
Where to Buy:
Rina’s Rating: 9/10
As much as I love this thing, I wish there was a setting so you were able to re-fizz flavoured drinks or make anything a sparkling beverage with the touch of a button! But…..SCIENCE!

Product Description (Amazon): The Soda Stream source was created by the world-renowned designer, Yves béhar. This sleek sparkling water maker is a celebration of function and elegant refinement. With an LED indicator display, the source allows the consumer to measure the level of carbonation, and adjust to their preference without any guess work.


I recommend purchasing two C02 canisters so that you can easily rotate them and never have to go without. You can purchase them at many retailers like Walmart, Canadian Tire, Home Hardware, Amazon, etc.

The full canister should be around $20CAN and if it is your first purchase of one, there is a non-refundable CORE charge fee of $16. This fee will be waived each time that you are exchanging the old canisters for the new ones.

We use our SodaStream on a fairly regular basis. At least once a day something is being fizzed around here. One canister will last us roughly 3 months. We don’t tend to do the full fizz that often, usually just the first or second level is more than enough.


Not quite. Unfortunately, the SodaStream isn’t as generous as Oprah is. However, there are little ways around it.

Most important is to never fizz something that ISN’T WATER. You will regret it and you may damage your machine!


SodaStream > Rosè.


Luckily my machine wasn’t damaged, but don’t try it yourself. IT DOESN’T WORK.

Once you have flavoured your water, you also cannot re-fizz it.



Fizz your water and add to your wine for a delicious spritzer!


When it comes to re-fizzing, just make a whole new bottle of fizzy water, then top up your bottle of flavoured beverage. Add in some extra flavour, voila!


Do you “press” your *alcoholic* drinks already? Let’s use a whiskey, cola, press as an example.

Your coke has gone flat but you aren’t up to the extra steps of topping it up…

Add your flat coke and do your “press” with soda water! How fantastic is that! You still get the flavour of the cola, and you get the fizz from the water you’re adding! You can make sure it’s extra fizzy water too if you prefer!


Just how many options are out there for flavourings, you ask? Pretty much endless!

Fruit Drops | My Water.

Where are my health nuts at!? These little wonderful bottles of heaven are zero calories, naturally flavoured, unsweetened and preservative free! They pack a lotta punch too! As tiny as the bottles may seem, each one actually has 80 servings in them! The flavours are Lime, Orange, Mango, Lemon, & Raspberry. Buying them as a pack saves you a few bucks too!

They are a great alternative to the yummy LaCroix!

Waters | Fruits or Zeros.

The flavour mixes are Berry Mix (F), Cranberry Raspberry (F), Home Style Lemonade (F), Coconut Pineapple (F), Orange Mango (F), Pink Grapefruit (F), Cranberry Raspberry (Z), Lemonade (Z), Pink Grapefruit (Z), & Strawberry Watermelon (Z).

The Fruit & Zero flavours are refreshing and delicious naturally flavoured mixes with no high fructose corn syrup or aspartame! The Zeros are, you guessed it, ZERO CALORIE!

Fountain Style Pop | Iced Teas.

Here you will find all the classics! Cola, Ginger Ale, Blackcherry Cola, Cream Soda, Lemon Lime, Root Beer, Dr. Pete (Dr. Pepper), Orange, & Tonic! There is also Diet available in most flavours! So many options it’s hard to choose what you will start with first! They also have an Iced Tea Honey & Iced Tea Peach. I enjoy the peach one a lot!

Personally, we find that the full amount they suggest adding is too sweet. We like that we can adjust it to our liking! We do about half, or just over half of their recommended portion. It’s better for you and lasts longer too! I purchased the Cola 3 months ago and we aren’t even half-way through it yet and we make it quite frequently.


How are you going to keep all that fizz in!? SodaStream has specially designed bottles for their machines. They are not dishwasher safe, but that’s OK! All they need is a rinse out with hot water and you can also get cleaning tabs for them (like an alka seltzer).

They also have packs with fun colours and designs too!

I have also run into a situation before where I somehow managed to lose one of the lids…… Luckily, they also sell extra lids!

In our house, we run with 3 bottles. I usually have one for my own drinks and then Troy has 2 for his (1 for pop, 1 for soda water). We find that this works perfect for us, but could definitely see us adding another 1 or 2 in the future.




This “starter pack” literally includes everything you need to get you started and for an amazing price too!

You get:

(1) SodaStream Source Sparkling Water Maker

(2) 60L C02 Cylinders

(3) 1L Carbonating Bottles

(2) Fruit Drops 40 mL flavours (Grapefruit & Lemon)

All for $149.99!

We’re officially just less than a month away from Christmas…what a great gift idea for those people you never quite know what to get or when you’re struggling to find something to split with your siblings for your parents!



Fizz ya later!


All the best,








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