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Shower Foot Scrubber (Vive) Review.

Have you ever had a foot scrubber in your shower before? It is heaven. I highly recommend it! I also highly recommend this particular one.
Here’s why:Foot Scrubber - Vive

Product Name: Shower Foot Scrubber by Vive Health – Suction to Floor
Price: Regular – $34.99 (US). Currently on sale for $18.99
Where to Buy:
My Rating: 10/10


Product Description (Amazon): Cleanse, exfoliate and massage your feet while standing in the tub or shower. Securing to the floor of a tub or shower, the dual antimicrobial bristles contour to the foot, stimulating circulation and massaging tired and aching feet.

PROS: What is not to love about this thing! It scrubs, cleans, tickles (but not too much!), exfoliates, massages, etc. It’s easy to clean; just rinse under water, it comes with its own suction cup and hook; for proper drying, the suction cups are strong and durable; there is no slipping, the bristles are sturdy; but not too strong. Just need to put it down, press the suction cups in, add a couple drops of soap or body wash, and you’ll be scrub-a-dub-dubbin’ before you even know it!

CONS: I have had this for about 4 months now, and I honestly can’t think of any cons for it. I truly do love it. My feet are a lot less dry and cracked. It helped immensely during flip-flop season.
*I promise to update the post if anything comes up in the future!

T&T: My only tip/trick for this item is to just make sure that you fully rinse it out after each use and hang it to dry. The suds wash away really easily and then you won’t risk anything growing in between the bristles…eewy.

Now get scrubbin’ so you can have a foot lickin’ helluva time!


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