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Function of Beauty Review & Coupon.

How many of you have heard all the hype around Function of Beauty in the past few months? It has been everywhere I scroll lately, with some really big name influencers too! With all that hype, some may start to wonder, is it really that good?

Well, I am proud to come to you from my little redneck, hard water filled trailer park to tell you “YES! Yes, it really is that good!”

If you are one of the few that have not heard about Function of Beauty, props to you for being unplugged on social media 😉 In all seriousness though, stay tuned to hear what they are all about. It is truly a game-changer.

Let’s dive right into Function of Beauty Shampoo & Conditioner:


Function of Beauty is an online company that allows you to completely customize your shampoo and conditioner. Just how custom, you ask? So custom that you can even put your own name/nickname on the bottle.

Besides being completely customizable, Function of Beauty is also cruelty-free, vegan, contains no parabens or sulphates, and are gluten-free. They offer scent and dye free options too! For more information, you can visit their FAQ page here.


When you go to you will begin with creating your personalized hair formula.

Question 1/4 is simply breaking down your hair type, structure and scalp. For myself, I went with wavy, fine and oily.

Question 2/4 targets your personal hair goals. You can select between 1 and 5 hair goals to target. I tend to vary these each order to assist with changing seasons, etc. My go to’s are: fix split ends, thermal protection, shine, hydrate, lengthen, volumize and anti-frizz.

Keep in mind that the “reduce brassiness” option is for all us salon blondies out there. It will turn your shampoo a deep purple colour!

Question 3/4 is where you get to add the final touches to your personal Function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner!

Start off by naming your creation, then choose your colour (or colourless).

Next up is my favourite; the scents! I have tried 3 of them so far (with no complaints) and I am currently really intrigued with the (pear)fection they have available right now as their limited edition!

Once you have selected your scent, you can choose the strength; light, medium, or strong. I am not typically sensitive to scents so I have always gone with the strong option. I find it’s got a kick at first in the shower, but it fades out when washed out and even more when its dried/other product put in your hair. Then I’m just left with gentle wafts of the scent throughout the day. You can also choose a scent free option if you are sensitive.

Question 4/4 is just wrapping up your order!


I decided to go with 2-16oz bottles for all of my orders, as I find them to have the best bang for your buck and the size lasts quite a few months. Also, by doing the double wash technique (see below), you are finishing your bottles off at the same time!!!!

I also recommend the travel size squeeze bottles if you don’t already have some! Here is a great pack of them available on Amazon. They make travelling, especially with a carry on, a breeze!


Is it really worth it to spend a few minutes choosing exactly what you want in your shampoo and conditioner, then spending the money, then patiently waiting for its arrival?

When I made my first Function of Beauty shampoo order in June of 2018, I started as a skeptic; mind you with high hopes, but still a skeptic. I was so tired of spending loads of money on salon quality products only to have them feel “oh so smooth” for the first few weeks. After that, it seemed like my hair would just get used to them and was back to “meh, whatever”. I also have very hard water where I live. So hard, that I would have to use a cleanser on my hair every 3 weeks or so to help strip off the build up. I also installed a water softening shower head to help slow down the buildup process.

I was still never truly blown away with any of the hair products and treatments I was trying. My ends were still dry and frizzy and my roots were still oily AF the next day. It was a losing battle. Since switching to Function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner, I have used the hair cleanser once. That’s it!

Function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner has truly changed my hair game, for good. I am so excited to share it with you!

feeling (f)ineapple.

My first order in June was when I had a bit darker hair. First up; the all too popular “feeling (f)ineapple” // strong. I was feeling very “go big or go home”. As the weeks went on, I was still so impressed with it!

When I received my order, I was quite disappointed at first. I opened the package to reveal a bit of a gooey mess; one of the bottles stoppers did not seal properly, which had leaked some of my product out. I emailed the company and attached photos of the incident and they were super quick to respond as well as offer a small form of compensation (it was a minor incident). Customer Service = A+.

When you receive your order, you will also find a small little booklet. The booklet will contain their recommendations based on your hair type & goals as well as the ingredient list. For myself, because I selected “oily scalp” in my original quiz, they recommended using my shampoo twice before I used my conditioner. what.a.difference. My hair now uses less product to help it last in between washes and I can even get an extra day or two, if I really need to.

I typically use 3 pumps shampoo, wash and rinse, then 2 pumps of shampoo (you can instantly FEEL the difference), wash and rinse, followed by 4 pumps of conditioner on my ends with an extra one pump after to be sure.

Do you know what that equals… that is 5 & 5.

Which means that I am also finishing my shampoo and conditioner off at the same time (16oz&16oz). I don’t know about you, but I always found that an impossible task!

My hair has continually come out soft, silky, shiny, smooth, and straight up healthy.

nude (p)each.

I received an email with a new fragrance they released and I was nearing(ish) the end of my bottles. I didn’t want to miss out on the scent so I went ahead and ordered it then (end of September ’18). Yes, that’s right, over 4 months with the same bottles and still in no rush to replace them. *I did go lighter in this time and was using some salon purple shampoo roughly every 4-6 washes to reduce brassiness.*

Upon arrival, there were no incidents this time around. *perrrrrrrrfect*

This special little number sat underneath my bathroom sink for a little while longer (legit until January! That’s 7 months, with some purple shampoo in between), patiently waiting to show off its magical powers (and scents).

When I finally dug into this delicious scent, I was beyond peached about it. My hair smelled like a bellini, no joke. I don’t know how you like to start your Mondays off, but smelling like a bellini is a pretty daaamn good way.

I was still experiencing all the same things I did with the (f)ineapple shampoo, even though I slightly changed up my “hair goals”. It still was targeting all the things I wanted and my hair was still SO soft.

naughty or (sp)ice.

Flashback to November 2018 when FoB released their “purple shampoo to reduce brassiness”. I was still using my salon purple shampoo even more so, as I had gone even lighter the previous month. I felt like it was worth it to take the dive into the FoB purple shampoo as I still wasn’t sold on the salon quality one. This is also when they had the Christmas scent of naughty or (sp)ice on limited release, so I thought, “why not, it’s almost Christmas after all..”

This delivery was delayed a bit, but that was due to the Canada Post strike that was taking place. Completely out of FoB’s control.

When the shampoo finally did arrive, I jumped right into the shower! A total “show me what ya got” moment took over. After secretly enjoying the fresh scent of a gingerbread house for waaaaaaaay too long, I jumped out and dried my hair, excited to see the difference…… no avail. My hair appeared that same. My blonde highlights were maybe slightly lighter, but it was nothing extreme. “Well, crap”, I thought, “another one bites the dust”.

Fast forward a few days to my next wash, where I switched back to the (f)ineapple. I got out and dried my hair and had a “holy sh*t” moment. Just like that, my hair was lighter, brighter, and more vibrant. So much so that Troy even came home and said, “Oh I didn’t know you were getting your hair done today” (ladies, we all know how often guys DON’T notice when our hair gets done). From that point forward I switched solely to the FoB purple shampoo.

I now do a 1 – 2/3 combo. 1 purple wash, followed by 2 – 3 regular washes. repeat.

Typically, I try to time my first “regular” wash with any events/going out, etc so my hair is always looking as blonde as possible! I hear it from everyone, “Oh, your hair looks great, did you just get it done” and I proudly get to respond, “Nope! I just switched shampoos, you should try them, game-changers!”


When you are completing a purchase with Function of Beauty, you may notice they have a subscription option. You can choose between every month, 3 months, or 6 months. You can also choose a one time ship with a $5 shipping fee. Don’t feel locked in about choosing a subscription, you can always adjust your goals, scents, colours and choose to skip if you aren’t quite ready to reorder! Trust me, it lasts a lot longer than you would expect!!!


To summarize, here are my pros:

  • completely customizable scents, goals, hair types, sizes, and colours.
  • salon quality product built for you!
  • quality of my hair over months of use is honestly enough pros to last me a lifetime.
  • purple shampoo enhances my blonde hair incredibly (after wash with their regular shampoo).
  • scents are so yummy and the colours are fun and vibrant!
  • they offer travel sized bottles that you can easily add to your purchase so you have them before your next trip!
  • have a subscription option, that allows skipping, to save on shipping.
  • customer service = A+.
  • their referral program; give $10 & get $10!
  • they coincide with ebates! Use to complete your purchase and receive 2.5% cash back! And you’ll also receive $10US back if you create a new account and spend over $25!! *at this time they are only on the US ebates, not the Canadian one. psssst, hey Canadian friends, you can still create a US account with ebates! Check out my previous post here for more information on ebates!

Here are my cons:

  • initially expensive (keep in mind how long the product lasts).
  • plastic pumps can be prone to break easily if not opened properly or accidentally dropped (I keep my old ones as backup).
  • it can have some shipping issues if they are not packed properly (customer service is dynamite though).


Are you interested in a Function of Beauty coupon!? Use my link here and receive $10 off your next order!



How do you keep a blonde in the shower all day?

Hand her a bottle of shampoo that says “Lather, rinse, repeat.”


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