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ebates-logoHave you heard about Ebates before? You’ve probably seen one of their many commercials before. Maybe you thought it was a scam. After all, they’re paying you for shopping that at you would be doing anyway. Seems crazy, right!?

Well, great news… It IS legit!! It could get you hundreds of $$$ back each year depending on your online shopping habits! My Ebates cash back accounts (Canadian & American) have earned me a total of $180 CAD back just in this year I have been using them!

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Majority of stores that you would normally do your online shopping with are signed up with Ebates and offer you different cash back percentages for your purchases. This also includes when you are purchasing gift certificates! (Now you can make a couple bucks back when you’re stuck buying that weird Aunt of yours a gift certificate for her birthday because you have no idea what else to get her!)

You can do your shopping through your phone with their mobile cash back app, or through their browser. Ebates also has an extension with Google Chrome that you can add so it will remind you any time your shopping and automatically pull up that stores cash back rewards! I highly recommend turning on notifications on from their app, that way you won’t miss any alerts when some stores do crazy good cash back offers!

BONUS: Ebates (CAD & US) now also offers cash back for in-store purchases! When you log into your account, head to the In-Store Cash Back page to watch the video on how it works, adding your credit card (this is how they track your purchases at the applicable stores), and where you can view the cash back offers and link them to your card(s)!


My main T&T for Ebates are:

  • If you aren’t in a rush for something, see if there is a holiday or major event coming up. Stores like to heavily increase their cash back percentages during these times!
  • Sometimes when using the app, it can be a nuisance going back and forth through pages because of the Ebates window that opens up. I will usually do my normal shopping through my browser, load my cart up, and then go to my Ebates to complete my purchase that way!
  • Some sites take longer to get their information back to Ebates and others (like Amazon) have a much harder (& longer!) time because they have different percentages for different departments. This takes longer for them to calculate things. If I notice it has been a couple weeks, and I don’t see the money in my account, I simply use the “Where Is My Cash Back” form. You will choose the trip you are missing, confirm the total, and usually just copy the confirmation email that was sent to you. The cash is usually back in my account within 48 hours. It just helps push the receipt up.
  • Ebates only keeps your shopping history for 3 months. Make sure you stay on top of checking that your purchases went through so you don’t risk going back.
  • Some departments do not offer any cash back rewards, while some are much higher/lower than others.


Ebates pays you out every 3 months as long as your balance is over $5.00, otherwise, your balance will be carried forward to the following month.

You can receive your payments by cheque or PayPal. Keep in mind that you can only link a PayPal account to one Ebates account (in case you are also able to do the US & CAD accounts). will also let you choose to turn your cash back rewards into gift certificates! They will email you the GC the day payments get mailed out. This way, you can use your cash back right away! No waiting for the mailman!


One amazing thing about where I live in Canada is that I live in a border town! Meaning I am 5 minutes away from the United States! Because of that, I sometimes do more shopping from US sites and have the items sent to the US town closest to me to save on shipping and duty costs. This has led me to create a Canadian Ebates cash back account, as well as an American one!

If you are lucky enough like me to live in a border town, live their seasonally or full time, I highly recommend doing the same thing!

Here is my link for the American Ebates cash back site!


Yes! Once you have created your account with Ebates and completed your first purchase over $25, you will have your own referral code that you can pass on to your friends & family! Nothing like sharing the wealth!

Ebates does lots of different referral bonuses so keep an eye on them! You won’t want to miss out!

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