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Cool Your Jets!

When was the last time you had a bath?

Are you an avid bath taker like me? Or perhaps a closet bath taker….

Maybe you don’t actually have a bath in your house, only a shower. None the less, chances are that you or someone you know has a jetted bathtub.
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I’m sure you have a household just like mine. There is at least one person using the shower/bathtub each day.

Showers use water, people use soap, water and soap suds spray off of your body in the vicinity of the shower….it’s like a free car wash in there, right? WRONG. Just because people go in dirty and come out clean does not mean your bathtub does too. Between hard water stains, soap scum, mildew & more, you could have a lot more going on in there than you thought!



If you have a jetted bathtub, we really need to talk. When was the last time you actually cleaned your jets? I’m not just talking about running hot water through them or scrubbing around the outside of them either.

Maybe you just moved into a house with a jetted bathtub and have no idea what you’re supposed to do to clean them or when the last time was that the previous owners cleaned them! Maybe you have misplaced that little booklet you get with the installation that explains how to properly clean your specific jets. If you are unsure or hesitant to take your jets apart, that is totally fine and understandable. Try searching the brand or contacting the company. You should be able to find more specifically detailed information that way.

Most jetted tubs, at least that I’ve seen or cleaned in the past, can actually be turned *left loosey, righty tighty* and will pop out. Sometimes they’ll pop out as one part, or it’ll break up into a few parts (spring, nozzle, etc). If that’s the case, take note of how the pieces go so you can be sure to put them back correctly. Oh and don’t forget the suction cover too! These are the parts that you need to give a deep clean to.

I help a neighbour of mine out every once in a while by cleaning her house. While I was over the other day, I noticed she had some hard water drip stains around her jets. I asked, “Hey, when was the last time you cleaned your jets?”. She says, “Oh, beats me. I’m not sure how to clean them. The other lady just gives them a quick scrub.”.

Then, I blew her mind.

She had years and years of gunk built up in all of these pieces.

After soaking and scrubbing the best that I could, I then filled the tub with hot, soapy water (a little Dawn is excellent), added some bleach and let those jets rumble! It helped loosen any other guck that I may have missed or wasn’t able to reach. After the jets ran for 10-15 minutes, I then drained and rinsed the tub. I filled it again with just water and let the jets run again to help rinse it all.

You should have seen the sparkle that baby had!


Now as for hard water stains, they are literally the bane of my existence. We have such hard water where we live, it’s awful! I even start to panic if our vehicles happen to get sprayed by the sprinklers.

So here are some of my favourite products to get rid of them!

Whenever possible, I will completely submerge the item with hot water and 1 of the 3 choices above. Another option is to mix them in a spray bottle and spray the affected areas. For your really stubborn stains, you could also leave the undiluted cleaner directly on the area. *Always read your warning labels and check any restrictions for the type of material you are planning to use it on. Also, check on a small, discreet area first*. Once the cleaning solution has done its work, I will then use a scrubby, a bristle brush, rag, or microfiber cloth (depending on the material) to assist in getting any remaining calcium buildup off. Rinse with hot water and wipe dry with a clean rag.


Depending on how often you use your bathtub and how severe the innards of the jets really were, I would consider doing a weekly or monthly cleaning of them. Once they have gotten to a point that is much more manageable, I would then just leave the deep cleaning of the jets to seasonally. However, I do highly recommend running the hot soapy water & bleach combo monthly. Try to pick a set day, or set a monthly reminder in your phone so it’s never missed!


Now that you know your jets and your bathtub are squeaky clean, it’s time for you to kick your feet up and relax! Light some candles, pour yourself a nice glass of wine, set up your iPad with some Netflix and get lost in those nice clean bubbles!

Time for me to jet!

bathtub soak








All the best,






  • Jaywhon Herron

    This is a great article. The timing is perfect for me, because we are purchasing a new home. We did just look at a home with a jet tube in the guest bathroom. We were not sure about it because of the maintenance that comes with it and the cleaning. I learned a lot reading you article.

    • Reanna

      That’s great! I’m so glad to hear that my post was able to give you some insight and help you out.

      Good luck with the purchase of your new home!

      All the best,

  • Marvin

    Hey Reanna, I’m a shower guy personally but my fiance is a big bath person. We are current thinking about renovating our bathroom and I think a jetted bath tub is a great Idea but her argument was the clean up process, I will definitely send her to this page :p

    • Reanna

      Hopefully this will be just what is needed to help her make the decision then!
      The simple monthly cleaning routine is all you need to get started with. If you maintain that, you will have no worries!

      All the best,

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