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Checkout 51 | Canadian Grocery Cash Back App.

What if I told you there was a way to get cash back for grocery shopping that you were already doing, for products that you were already planning on buying, or for that new product you’ve seen lately that you haven’t been so sure about trying yet. Well, believe it or not, there is. Not only is it super simple and user-friendly, but it’s super simple and user-friendly, hehe.


Unfortunately, there are no cash back offers for produce items at this time. There were some in the beginning, but I haven’t seen any for a very long time, which makes sense when you think about it. Checkout 51 is able to offer these cash back deals because they are working hand-in-hand with companies by promoting their products. Sadly, produce doesn’t quite fall into that. I would love to see it come back though! While the produce offers weren’t very big, they kept with what was in season and it was a fun little bonus for us!


When companies release a new product, they are super eager to get them into your shopping cart. I’ve noticed new products offer higher incentives to get you to try them. Quite often, they will coincide with in-store promotions as well.

Very recently there was a new product, worth around $5, that came out with a $3 cash back offer through Checkout 51. There was an in-store promotion for $1.50/$2 off the product as well. Well, not to get all extreme-couponer on you here, but since I was getting this product essentially free (or for about .50), I decided to give it a try. We enjoyed it, didn’t love it, but it would definitely be something I would consider purchasing again with another good promotion. This happens so often with the app, I like that it gets us trying new things that we may not normally go for, and we are still getting a great deal for the item(s).


Another awesome feature to the Checkout 51 app, is that even if your current shopping list doesn’t match up with one of their many, many, maaaany offers, you can still be entered into a free giveaway. They always have a $500 giveaway each week for any grocery order that is over $60! Just be sure to add that to your offers (it’s always at the very bottom), upload your receipt, and you’re entered!


A great tip to get even more bang for your buck when you’re doing your regular shopping is to check the app for your staple items before you go shopping. If you have the time prior to shopping, check out the stores flyer, this way you can double up on your offers! Typically, for those bigger purchases (toilet paper, paper towel, laundry/dishwasher detergent, etc) I will look for brands that are on sale and then search in the app to see if they have cashback offers on the same brands. Generally, they do, but in waves I’ve noticed. For example, a certain brand of laundry detergent will be on sale and then I open up the app and search for the same brand when I’m in the aisles. If it’s an in-store sale of $1-3, plus a cashback offer of $1-3, I’m all over it and will even grab a couple of them (just be sure check that the app offer will allow more than 1 purchase/week). If not, it will be likely on the next week. They generally run 1-3 weeks (or until they run out).


Checkout 51 releases their newest deals on Thursday mornings. You have until the following Wednesday to upload your receipts for that weeks offers. I have gotten into a good habit of saving receipts in my wallet and almost always uploading them once I get into the car, while I am still in the parking lot. If you can get in the habit of this, do it! Sometimes (not often, but sometimes) deals run out, and there’s nothing worse than that! I also have a fairly decent routine of emptying out my wallet on Sunday nights and will upload any missed receipts then. That way I’m in right in the middle of their week and there’s less chance of missing the Wednesday night cut off!


My biggest tips for this app would be to check it on Thursdays to see what their deals for the week are. If there are a few that tickle your fancy, add them to your offers right away.

The other is to give it a quick scan right before you head into the grocery store or while you’re already in it. You won’t believe how many times it’s reminded me that I need something that I forgot to put on the list! It’s a great way to combine with other in-store offers as well!

While not everyone has the time to check flyers and apps before grocery shopping, I highly suggest trying to make time for it. If I know that I am going to the grocery store the next day, I take 10 minutes while laying in bed to scope out their weekly flyer and see what I combine on the app. That way I can grab something that I may be getting kind of low on, while it’s on sale/cash back offer, rather than paying full price with no deals in a couple of weeks time.

I hope that you are able to integrate these $$$ saving tips into your daily routine as I have! I love the feeling of getting the best deal possible! Sign up today and get your saving on right away!



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