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Bachelor[ette] Fantasy Leagues | Hannah B.

With only 2 weeks to go, it’s time to give you the low down on this seasons bachelor[ette] fantasy leagues!

I will be organizing 4 different types of leagues again for this season and they are totally open to everyone. You will just have to add yourself to our Facebook group! For those of you not in the land of FacePlant, you can send me an email at and I will send you your points and information that way!

As always, no spoiler sites are allowed in any of these leagues. Don’t be lame!

E-transfer information will be posted in the Facebook group, or email me.

Here are the leagues, in all their glory!


This league is less demanding, for those of you that don’t want to be involved on a weekly basis but still keeps you engaged a few times throughout the season. Open to everyone!

BUY IN: $20.
E-transfer information will also be found in the Facebook group.
Buy-ins MUST be received by May 13th at 5 pm PST.

PAYOUT: Split pot (60/30/10)

SCOOP: In this league, you will draft a team of 4 men to carry you through the season. However, it isn’t just that easy! Hannah’s men will be arranged into 3 groups of 10 before the 1st episode airs (see below). You will choose 1 guy from each group before the 1st episode (you will need to do your research!). After the 1st episode, you will choose 1 more guy to add to your team from whoever is remaining.
The men that you are adding to your roster are ones that you think will make it far, cause drama, say all the cliches, etc. You can view the full points breakdown that I use, here.

Part way through the season there will be a mid-season draft. This is where you can either (a) choose a one-time bonus point of 300 or (b) add one of the remaining men to your team and receive half of their points from that point forward. This league also has a set of pre-season bonus questions that you can find below! The first episode will need to be answered by May 13th at 5 pm PST, and the remaining, (Ep 2 – Final Rose + ATFR), will need to be answered and submitted by May 20th at 5 pm PST.

Here are your groups of men!

Print Group #1 Here!

Print Group #2 Here!

Print Group #3 Here!

Here are your Pre-Season Bonus Questions!

Print your Pre-Season Bonus Questions here!


This league is run on a weekly basis and is better suited for people living in, or that travel to, the South Okanagan
(in case you win!), but is still open to everyone.

BUY IN: Bottle of wine ($20 value).
Can be arranged for pick-up/drop-off or you can send an e-transfer for me to pick it up. E-transfer info can be found on the Facebook page. Payments must be in or arranged by May 13th at 5 pm PST.

PAYOUT: Winner takes all!!

SCOOP: Each week you will send me who you think will make it through the next rose ceremony. Your picks will need to be into me no later than 5 pm PST on episode air dates. You can send me advanced predictions if you will be away and can always adjust them up until the 5 pm deadline of that air date. Your points are strictly based on each correct pick and some bonus questions.

Print your BachBracket form here!



This is a one and done league for the season and is open to everyone.

BUY IN: $5
Deadline is May 20th at 5 pm PST (before the 2nd episode airs).

PAYOUT: Winner takes all.

SCOOP: This league is the same format as the BachBracket, except that you fill in ALL the weeks in advance. You are predicting the entire season, up to the Final Rose. There are no changes allowed once the deadline has passed. This league is more intended as a fun league; see how close you were as the season goes on. Your points are strictly based on each correct pick and a tie-breaker question.

Print your BachSidepot form here!



This league is done on a weekly basis and is open to everyone.

BUY IN: Nada! Zilch! Zero!

PRIZE: Bachelor swag surprise from yours truly! ($30 Value)

SCOOP: This league is all done on an app, which is available on iPhone and Android.

Once downloaded, search for our group called Lulus&Syrah, the password is osoyoos. Look for this image to verify the group:

Each week you will have 100 roses to spend on your team for the upcoming episode. As the weeks go on, each of the men increase/decrease in value depending on their previous points. Point values vary and there are even some negative ones! Choose wisely! You can find the full points breakdown within the app. Be sure to join our Facebook group to follow along and so I can get the prize to you if you’re a winner!


Want to have even MORE fun!? Play our Bachelorette | Hannah B edition | Drinking Game!


To note:

** PDF’s for most leagues are still to come. This page will be updated before the start of the season, May 13th, with printable sheets for you to use, including a cheat sheet for the men. Stay tuned!

** While I did post a link for the men above, ABC has not released much information about them so far. Please keep checking this link as the air date approaches as it will be updated once more information has been released about them if anything will be!


BEAST mode engaged!

All the best,


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