The Most Dramatic Season Yet.

Bachelor[ette] Fantasy League.

If the category tagline didn’t ring a bell to you, this might not be the area for you… hehe.

Whether you’re “loud and proud” or a “closet fan”, I’ve got your Bachelor[ette] Fantasy League bases covered!

For the past few years, I have been a fantasy league commissioner and we have had a blast with it! I organize a few different types of leagues with a few different prizing options. Gives everyone lots of options to choose between (or multiples)!

Here are some ideas for starting your own private fantasy league!


The Bracket can be done a few different ways.

Option A.

You predict who will make it through each Rose Ceremony up until the Final Rose. Your predictions are made after you watch the first episode (the Limo entrances) and are sent to your commissioner before the next episode. You will receive points for each correct pick, with the point values increasing after each of the Rose Ceremonies. I recommend this type of league for the Bachelor[ette] Vets out there. You will know your tell-tale signs to look out for while you “sculpt” their future through your eyes!

PRO: One night and you’re done! Study their bios hard before episode 1, take notes during the first episode and choose wisely!

CON: Well, if your picks suck….pour yourself a glass bottle of wine and try again next season!

Option B.

You start off the same as Option A; you will watch the first episode and send your picks in before the next episode airs. However, you will be able to adjust your picks before each of the Rose Ceremonies. Point values still increase after each of the Rose Ceremonies. Now, my only recommendation for this type of fantasy league is that when sending your picks to the fantasy league commissioner, you send in the current week and the next one. The reason for this is that on the off chance you forget the following week, at least you have something down so you can still receive some points. Another reason is to protect you on the chance that they do double Rose Ceremonies. I recommend this type of Bachelor[ette] fantasy league for the newbs out there! It is a great way to start out while you’re learning what to watch for!

PRO: You have the ability to update your picks each week!

CON: You have to make sure you’re on top of it! Don’t forget to send your picks in each week!

Option C.

You can choose either Option A or Option B as your base, but you will also add in weekly Bonus Questions (BQ’s). What are BQ’s, you say… well they should be about 3-5 questions that vary each week and are up to your fantasy league commissioner. They will be based on your classic Bachelor[ette] clichés and sayings, dates, as well as using some of the previews and sneak peeks to help. The questions will vary in point values to keep things interesting and help break up any ties that could be happening.

You can also do this bi-weekly, or save it for maybe the last 2/3 weeks as a tie-breaker if you have some players that are neck-and-neck. Just make sure that your league was aware of them in the preseason.

PRO: Keeps everyone guessing and having fun! Avoids tie-breakers!

CON: If you do it weekly, it’s very time-consuming for the fantasy league commission as well as the players.


You will create a team of 4 contestants for the season. They will be broken into 3 groups and you will choose 1 from each group. You will get to watch the first episode and rose ceremony and then make your first 3 picks. Your final 4th pick will be made after the next episode and can be made from whoever is remaining (you can’t double pick someone though, duh!). There will be a mid-season draft as well. This is where you can choose A) to take a one-time bonus point and not redraft anyone or B) not take the bonus points but add someone else to your league. If you choose B, you will only receive half of that person’s points from that episode on.

You will receive points each week based on different things. Sayings, clichés, dates, roses, etc. I will release the point categories later on.

You can also choose to do Bonus Question’s for this league as well. Weekly, bi-weekly, or as an end of season wrap-up.

PRO: It makes for a fairly easy, laid-back season for the players.

CON: Your picks are fairly locked in, with the exception of the mid-season draft. You will still need to make sure you do your research (on them and the point categories) and pay close attention in the first episode.


You can organize a cash buy-in with your friends/group. Either winner takes all or split pots (70/20/10, 60/30/10, 50/30/20).

Another fun one is wine! Generally, I do a winner takes all for this pot. The buy-in is a bottle of wine up to “X” $$ (I do $20). Either they buy and arrange to drop off/pick up with you or they can e-transfer the fantasy league commissioner for them to pick up once your buy-in deadline has passed.


If you have lots of people in your group that are in your area and you have space, try doing a couple viewing parties throughout the season. Have everyone BYOB and an appetizer to make things even easier! You could do it weekly and rotate everyone’s houses or just save it for the main episodes (1st, Finale, Fantasy Suites, etc).


Whether your interested players are right next door, or across the globe (I’ve actually had a player living in Switzerland before), the online world makes it easy enough for anyone to play in these Bachelor[ette] Fantasy Leagues. However, if they are far away, I would recommend they stay out of the league that pays out bottles of wine…shipping on that wouldn’t be fun!

If you are the fantasy league commissioner, be sure to not have your blinders on! Offer your group to everyone that you can think of. It helps grow the prize pots and they might know of other Bachelor[ette] fans too!

If you are interested in joining one of my private leagues, drop me an e-mail at and we can discuss further! My teams would LOVE to have you on board!

P.S. Always disclose that the use of spoiler sites are forbidden! If you find out that someone has been using them, remove them from the league. No one likes a cheater! I always allow the use of The Bachelor[ette] social media pages, and of course any TV previews and sneak peeks.

Happy Baching!

All the best,

Bachelor[ette] Fantasy League Commissioner

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